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Portland Design Works was formed in 2008, by a few individuals who scraped together everything to form a bicycle accessories company that would focus on the details—efficiency, aesthetics, durability, and, of course, fun. Taking into account existing designs in addition to their knowledge gleaned from their Portland, Oregon, testing grounds, their products are exactly what you would expect from a team of dedicated riders.

The Full Metal Fenders are PDW’s stylish, yet functional at keeping foul elements at bay, and PDW Co-Founder, Dan Powell, explained that with the FMF, they really tried to create a fender that would work in situations where most other fenders run into clearance or fitment issues.

“As for fitment, we set out to design a full coverage fender set that would fit on bikes where fenders normally don’t fit. Because the fenders are so thin, they fit really well between tires and brake bridges. Living in Portland we see folks cobble fenders on all kinds of bikes first hand. No fender will fit every bike. It is impossible. But we hope the FMFs will fit more bikes better than anything else out there.”

Living in Southern California, we may have to wait quite some time to get some proper testing conditions, but we actually do a pretty mean rain dance. Fingers crossed, we might be able to actually review the FMF’s before too long.

Full Metal Fenders
$120 (Front and rear set) /
Availability: October 2012

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