Happy 25th, Timbuk2

The San Francisco bag company Timbuk2 is celebrating 25 years. And that means some new stuff. The company recently partnered with Mission Cycling, a cycling club in San Francisco, to design a pair of new products for happy on-the-bike adventuring. Because we all love happy bike adventures.

Mission Cycling has a standing early morning ride up the Marin Headlands. This is postcard territory, and on a clear day, the top of the Headlands offer a vertiginous perspective on the Golden Gate bridge and the city behind it. The riders meet in the early morning, ride the Headlands, then ride off to work.

As anyone who has ever mixed riding bikes and working a real job has discovered, the early morning ride poses a wardrobe dilemma. Not that we would know, but we hear things. Most offices frown on the wearing of sweaty cycling kit at work. At least, so we hear. Also, sweaty kits are gross.

Enter the Especial Raider Backpack, a new shenanigan from Timbuk2. The ripstop nylon bag is designed to be worn on a road bike. Timbuk2 put a priority on making the bag light and close-fitting. It offers just enough space to carry your normal people clothing to the office.

There is a pocket for shoes, smaller pockets for phone and wallet, and a hanger-style hook at the top to hang the bag for easy access. There is also a separate pocket to keep your dirty shoes locked up and out of trouble.

If folding your clothes is not your strong suit – and it certainly isn’t ours – Timbuk2 is here to help. The Raider backpack includes a plastic folding board to help you figure out how to fold your shirt. Because you totally wear nicer shirts, and you don’t want them wrinkled. Your folded shirt – and the board – slide into a long thin pocket in the back of the bag to keep it out of trouble. We like trouble. Your nice, clean office shirt probably does not, at least until after hours.

The partnership between Mission Cycling and Timbuk2 has also led to the creation of the Mission Cycling Wallet. True confessions: We carry our iPhones in sandwich baggies. This is precarious and not very classy, but we never claimed to have class. But you on the other hand, you have nice shirts that you fold and a job in an office somewhere. Your clothes match, even. You are way too class for the sandwich baggie.

The Mission Cycling Wallet comes in two sizes for iPhone 5 and Android phones. Now, now, don’t be snobby. Plenty of perfectly nice people have Android phones. The wallet had a clear TPU face so you can touch your screen and make your phone do things without taking it out of the wallet, which has Velcro to close it for safety.

There are also separate slots for your ID and credit cards. It’ll fit in your jersey pocket, it’ll keep your phone from getting sweaty, and it’ll look much better than a sandwich baggy. And you like looking better than us. We can totally tell.

As part of their 25th birthday celebration, Timbuk2 has also subtly updated the Classic messenger and in the Spring, it will be available in new colors and fabrics. Waiting is hard.

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