Is The UCI Good At Anything?

With the announcement that the UCI has disbanded their Independent Commission, which was to look at (alleged) internal misdealing and hopefully lead to some oversight and accountability, the critics have been lining up to get their two cents in.

We here at Paved, rather than look for the worst in people, try to find their best attributes instead. So, naturally, we launched an independent commission of our own, and tasked it with finding out: What does the UCI do —well—anymore (besides curate a damn-fine wine collection at their headquarters in Switzerland)?

Well, we looked and looked, and just when things weren’t looking too good, we stumbled onto their youtube channel.

And folks, it appears the UCI missed their calling. If you ever find yourself in need of a bitchin’ slideshow set to techno—they’re your guys. I mean, just look to their excellent use of transitions and ask yourself: “How could I have ever been so wrong about them?”

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