Spotlight: American Classic Hurricane Wheelset

American Classic Hurricane Wheelset
$900 /

Midnight Adventure Tested, Mayhem Approved

“Here’s my keys, take my car and we’ll just meet you at the brewery…and sorry, what was your name again?”

“Who was that?” I ask Morgan Meredith, Paved’s publisher and resident like-a-boss man after he finishes handing off his keys to a nice-enough looking gentleman.

“Not sure, just met him…hopefully he makes it to the brewery.”

I nod, but with the group already heading up the road, and no time to press the matter any further, we both sprint off into the dimly lit streets of LA’s Chinatown district.

While most definitely not the norm, it still wasn’t the craziest set of circumstances under which to start a middle-of-the-night cyclocross ride through the heart of L.A.

But it was the perfect way to test American Classic’s purportedly super-robust Hurricane wheelset.

Whether it was bashing spokes against the handrail on a spiral staircase that spit us out directly into the median of bustling freeway, miscalculating a run-out off of a near-vertical 3-foot drop or sublime stretches of singletrack nestled between residential neighborhoods, the ride had no shortage of obstacles to throw at the Hurricanes.

At 1,600 grams for the set, these wheels aren’t setting any records for wispiness, but that’s not exactly their raison d’etre. But, at 1,600 grams, they aren’t exactly in dire need of a diet either.

Instead, you get a nice dose of piece-of-mind when plowing though the rough stuff with American Classic’s Hurricanes. That, as well as some serious stiffness. Try and get these wheels to rub your brake pads under a hard effort and prepare to be unsuccessful. These wheels simply don’t budge.

As far as the complete package is concerned, the Hurricanes don’t exactly disappoint. Sporting a tasteful graphics scheme, as well as nice details like ceramic bearings and titanium quick-releases, there’s not much to take issue with as far as the Hurricanes are concerned. While, at $900 dollars, they may be situated a bit toward the expensive end of the spectrum, making the argument that you certainly get your money’s worth out of the Hurricanes isn’t exactly hard to make.

Oh, and yeah, he did end up making it to the brewery.

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