Review: Exposure Flare Taillight

Exposure Flare Taillight
$70 /

A favorite of mine for close to a year now, the Flare offers a whopping 75 lumens of in-your-face brightness, much to the chagrin of the driver sitting behind you at that annoyingly long stoplight on your commute.

Featuring a continuous runtime of 9 hours, and 22 hours of convulsion-inducing flashing, the Flare is rather long-winded for the brightness it delivers. That, and the fact that users have the option of buying Exposure’s rechargeable battery kit, is another reason (along with the foolproof seatpost mount) why I’ve grown so fond of the Flare. Featuring a charger and two rechargeable li-on batteries, the kit eliminates the need to ever go battery shopping ever again. While the Flare’s runtime on the rechargeable is significantly less, 3 hours on continuous burn, and 9 hours on intermittent, should you require more juice, carrying the extra battery is no sweat—its so small you won’t even notice it, and swapping them is a breeze. Charge time is just 2.5 hours.

Final Take:

Does it work? Yes.

Is it bright? Hell yes.

The Flare rightfully live up to it’s name, so be okay with making more than few drivers rather uncomfortable—but that’s the whole point, right? And really, the best praise I can give this light is the fact that it has been a constant fixture on my personal bike for nearly a year—despite the fact that numerous other taillights have made their way across my desk.

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