Spotlight: AX-Lightness Vial

AX-Lightness, famed creator of freakishly light cycling components, has recently debuted its Vial frame. However, while still incredibly light ( 745 grams for a medium), the Vial frame is not the company’s lightest; the Alpha (under 700 grams for a 54cm frame) takes those honors. However, in a turn away from the company’s no-holds-barred approach towards making components as light as humanly possible, the Vial is designed with the utmost standards of ride-quality in mind, and in certain places that necessitated a few more grams here and there.

Designed for maximum stiffness while attempting to maintain ride quality, the Vial purposely avoids any sort of aerodynamic profiles, favoring instead much more traditional profiles.

The Vial’s monocoque construction, as opposed to the Alpha’s tube-to-tube construction allows for the Vial’s adoption of the BB386 bottom-bracket standard. The frame is still hand-laminated in Upper-Franconia, Germany, in AX-Lightness’ design studio, though currently the frame is only being produced in two sizes. Expect the size range to fill out, though at €4900 Euros for the frame alone, expect demand—and supply—to be somewhat limited.

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