Spotlight: BMC/Lamborghini Special 50th Anniversary Edition Impec

What’s polarizingly flashy, goes quite fast and is absurdly expensive?

Nope, nice try, but one of Mario Cipollini’s skin suits on eBay is not the correct answer—not in this particular case at least.

The answer we were looking for was the BMC’s collaboration with the famed Italian automaker coming out of BMC’s heavily robotized facility in Switzerland.

Or, more specifically, the Impec Lamborghini 50th Anniversary edition.

“Inspired by the success of the previous impec Lamborghini Edition, BMC Switzerland has created an even more exclusive Impec bicycle. The Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition impec combines high-end Italian components with the Swiss-made impec frame to create a road cycling machine that includes the same precision, detail, and style used in the Lamborghini Aventador dream car.”- BMC

You don’t say? Even more exclusive? How much are we talking?

Only a cool 25,000 Euros. Or, roughly 32,525 U.S. dollars by the latest exchange rates. So, for the price of a storage unit in Monaco, you can be the proud owner of a made-to-order über-Impec.

Of course, the slight price premium gets you some sultry Super Record EPS, as well as a saddle and handlebar tape crafted from the very same leather sourced for the Lamborghini Aventador’s interior. Don’t you dare touch your chain while riding this baby!

Should you find yourself so well-footed that 32-odd thousand dollars seems a trivial amount for such a fine piece of engineering and class, act fast, as only 50 bikes will be made.

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