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Doug Emerson had a dream to build a velodrome. Nevermind the fact that he’d never before even ridden one. Using the entire inventory of his Boulder, Colorado, based bike shop, University Bicycles as collateral, he took out a loan and got to building. Doing much of the manual labor himself, Emerson contracted famed velodrome architect (it’s a rather niche occupation to be sure) Peter Junek for the design work and now, the velodrome stands to be completed by early next year.

A 250-meter track, the velodrome is based closely on the design used in the London Olympics this year. It will have 12-degree straightaways, and 42-degree banking on the turns. It’s designed to accommodate the world’s fastest racers (250-meters has become the Olympic standard) and due to its altitude and banking, should prove quite accommodating to some rather fast times.

So, for this week’s Theater Thursday segment, sit down and find out what possessed Doug to embark on his unlikely personal quest to build a velodrome.

To get invovled with the project, check out the Boulder Valley Velodrome website.

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