Review: Chrome Cardiel ORP

Chrome Cardiel ORP
$110 /

The Chrome Cardiel ORP, endorsed by John Cardiel himself—and by all manner of cargo-carrying bike bike-ninjas the world over.i

The Chrome Cardiel ORP, endorsed by John Cardiel himself—and by all manner of cargo-carrying bike bike-ninjas the world over.i

I’m a [smug]gler. My tool of choice, Chrome’s fan-fricken-awesome Cardiel ORP (Operation Readiness Pack).

My cargo? A screw-you attitude and a middle finger to the oppressive car culture found behind the Orange Curtain, otherwise known as the surreal land of Orange County.

Smarminess aside, I’ve had the luxury of carting my crap around in the ORP for over a year now, Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong Interview Part 2: The harder they fall

By Neil Browne

The Oprah Winfrey/Lance Armstrong interview on the OWN network continued without any great reveals just like the first night. Sure we got crying and the admission from the Tour de France competitor that he was seeing a therapist. But much of this last hour of him sitting across from the talk-show host was just sad.

The fatal flaw in the disgraced cyclist’s personality is that he always thinks he can win. However, he is now in an untenable position of having his back against the wall. Like I wrote yesterday, it’s an automatic reaction to his years of denying, slandering and threatening people. Turns out that this is how his career was founded.

Throughout the interview the Texan did seem to have moments of self realization. When watching the video of him claiming to have never doped he said, “I don’t like that guy.” News flash Lance, not many people liked that guy. Continue reading

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Greatest Hits, Night Two Of The Lance Interview

Sure, any music fan will tell you that greatest hits album are the dirge of good music everywhere, but they’re just so damn accessible! So if you missed the second-night’s Lance Armstrong interview, here are the highlights (so to speak) from Oprah’s second bout with Armstrong on her couch of shame.

Watch these videos and you’ll be able to answer all those pesky questions from your non-cyclist coworkers back at the office on Monday.

Lance Armstrong’s Most Humbling Moment

In October 2012, shortly after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency stripped Lance Armstrong of his Tour de France wins, he says the fallout began. Sponsorships worth tens of millions of dollars—from corporations like Nike and Anheuser-Busch—cut ties with Lance. Then, Lance says, came the lowest moment. Watch as he tells Oprah why stepping away from his foundation, Livestrong, was the hardest.
Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong Interview: Not the leap we were looking for

By Neil Browne

If a frog is placed ten feet away from a wall, how many leaps will it take to reach that wall—if it can only jump halfway each time? That was the Lance Armstrong interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter—a lot of leaps toward the truth, but never quite getting there. Continue reading

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Letter: The Trouble with Tap Shoes

We don’t see a lot of letters here at Paved, and to be honest, this one was actually directed at our sister publication, Bike. And despite its somewhat critical tone toward a reasonably large percentage of recreational road riders, it made us laugh.

We cyclists are a goofy lot. What is it about becoming a cyclist that renders so many of us colorblind and suddenly absent of any inkling of fashion sense? What about our sport makes otherwise-conservative, middle-aged men suddenly think it’s a good idea to wear a Minnie Mouse jersey—or perhaps one that’s tie-dyed, featuring a cartoon of a lizard doing bong hits?

What would Sammy Davis Jr have worn, had he been a cyclist?

More pedal power to anyone who hops on their favorite two wheeler and takes off down the highways and byways of Northern California. I have no idea how anyone actually completes the Tour de France let alone the Tour to de Grocery Store.

Seems to me that recreational cycling is a much better way to get around while doing your part to squelch the petro-burning damage done every time the key turns in your gas guzzler. Cardiovascular conditioning is a positive that comes from those uphill climbs. Putting more muscle on the legs makes for quicker breakaways from your local Peloton and elicits the occasional wolf whistle.

OK, now that I have paid my positive dues to those who mechanically push pedal to the metal its time to hit the hand the brakes and ask all you peddlers: What is the story with your garish garb? Continue reading

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Dirty Words: This is a Lance-Free Zone

By Sal Ruibal

I’m writing this before Lance Armstrong appears on the Oprah Winfrey confessional show. I’ll watch the show, but will not write about it again in this blog. I spent more than a decade reporting about Lance while at USA Today. I’ve done two ESPN Radio interviews this week and a dozen or more Facebook entries and Tweets about Lance. Lance. Lance. Lance. Continue reading

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Ferrous Friday

In today’s world of shapely carbon-fiber superbikes, it is easy to overlook the understated beauty of a hand-built steel frameset. But simply look to the perfectly executed welds, exquisite paint job, and the tailor-made stem on this steelman and you’ll see why many steel enthusiast are downright rabid in their devotion to all frames ferrous. Continue reading

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Theater Thursday

Today’s Theater Thursday selection may have something to do with the fact that a real-life, honest-to-god, espresso machine finally took up residence in the office, but we’d like to spin it off as a much more high-brow selection, based on the intrinsic relationship, nay, veritable covalent bond, between the sport of cycling and coffee. We’ll let you decide which is better.

In either case, this is a damn-fine film from the folks at Stumptown (you may have heard of them, if not do your homework), in PDX (That’s super-secret code for Portland). And while it may have nothing explicitly (other than the Vanilla Bicycles cameo at 2:38…) to do with cycling, we’re going out on a limb here to assume that some you out there like coffee almost as much as you like bikes (and it’s ok if you like coffee more than bikes, sometimes it’s a bit fuzzy, even for us).

Well, enough about nothing, pull a shot, french a press, or do whatever you do to procure your black, liquid goodness, and just enjoy the damn film.


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News: Lance & Oprah…It’s Come to This

By Vernon Felton

Tomorrow, Lance Armstrong will sit down on the couch across from Oprah Winfrey and face some serious questions. Or maybe not. Oprah isn’t known for grilling celebrities who’ve massively crapped the bed and then visit her show in a public act of contrition. Continue reading

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Extended Cut: ‘Inward Significance’ Paved Spring, Volume Three

In last year’s Spring issue of Paved we chronicled the story of industry luminary Sky Yeager and her incredible bike collection. We thought we’d give you a chance to revisit that story, along with the extended photo gallery published in the digital edition of the issue (Note: to get more exclusive digital-only content i.e. extended photo galleries, exclusive videos and the like, help yourself to a digital subscription, available on the Apple Newsstand.)

Continue reading

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