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  • Carolyn Cunningham

    I was hoping to subscribe to paved magazine. does that not have a subscription method? Please explain, thanks.

    • Bob Kuehn

      I would subscribe to this magazine in a heart beat based on the premier issue. Is there not a way to do that yet?

    • Mixa Leto

      I would like to subscribe as well!

  • Derrick Zuber

    Just getting in to road biking and this was the first mag on the subject that wasn’t all ads. Loved the magazine and would like to subscribe. How do I go about it?

  • Kevin

    Add my name to the list. Picked up a copy of Paved over the weekend and loved it. Now… just want to know how to subscribe. Congrats on the new magazine.

  • Jim

    Love the mag, the photography alone is worth a subscription. Which begs the question: How does one subscribe?

  • Jodi Dayton

    hi, really wan’t a subscription(prescription for winter blues). Love you magazine.. art full photography, inspirational articles and tastefull ads. reminds me of the underground skate and bmx freestyle zines’ of the eightes.. can’t get enough.

  • squirrel

    Thanks for all the fantastic comments. We are currently working things out as to how we are going to go about subscriptions (there is no way to subscribe just yet). Stay tuned to for the latest subscription information as it comes in…

    Thanks again,

  • R Chapman

    I’m in! Great first issue! I want more! Sign me Up!

  • Warren Wood

    Dear Paved: I must thank you for the new “Skinny Tire” magazine. I am not a racer and not wealthy enough to ride the ever latest in technology. What I am, is a person who enjoys my 3-4 hour Saturdays on my now old, Oval Master which seems like I had built yesterday, and finally I share with you, a magazine to enjoy that seems to embrace the essence of the ride (the most important aspect of why we all embrace this sport and yes it is not the “new” golf!). The greatest expense is the new tires and cleat inserts every spring and nothing more except possibly, the anticipation of new roads and the removing of the office each weekend from the mind.
    Thank you for putting this publication together, I look forward to future issues relating the simplicity, grace and effort of the ride itself versus the very latest in “please give us your hard earned income” marketing/advertising. Well done…
    W. Wood, Toronto Canada

  • Damien

    Have to agree with everyone else, great premier issue. Virtually no ads. Awesome photography. Hope you guys release a second one, with a subscription form.

  • Craig

    …same as what everyone else is saying here. OUTSTANDING premier issue! I want more. Where or how can I subscribe??????????????????? While writing this I am on the phone on a continuous recording loop after calling your office number above to try to talk to someone who can help . Help me help you (sell more magazines). I would pay a premium price for your premium magazine but………………………………………………..

  • Philip Clark

    Where is the subscription information?

  • crhilton

    Again: The first issue was amazing. I was re-reading quotes to my wife telling her how someone gets it and isn’t bought and paid for. “Cycling is not the new golf:” Thank you.

    More issues, same quality. I don’t care if I gotta wait 6 months between issues, just keep it awesome. Charge 3 times as much and skip ads if you need to. Avoid reviews.

    I also really enjoyed the quality of the magazine itself. Seemed heavier weight and more lasting.

  • Mike

    I live in the UK, so how do I get hold of a copy of this magazine ?

  • Not Gus

    Wonderful mag. As a shop started by a Belgian racer who competed in the black and white days of 1938, we loved the piece on Flanders. Keep up the great work!

  • David

    Hello…anyone there? Like everyone else, love the mag, want to subscribe but won’t be trying to much longer. Let all your potential customers know what’s up. Gracias!

  • Dave

    Hit the jackpot…great content, well written, beautifully illustrated and a easy on the eyes. Would love to see more. Here’s to your success. Advertisers shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Hopefully, their ads will be as classy as the magazine.

  • eric

    like everyone else here. where’s a subscription form?! it’s the perfect x-mas gift/stocking stuffer. as a long time Bike subscriber and road rider, it’s great to see a magazine like this. kudos!!

  • Tim

    hey! Any more issues? This is a great magazine and I want to subscribe!!!!

  • Brian Wood

    The cycling magazine I have always wanted. Its not about dieting, or buying a bike that costs more than a car. Its about all about the ride. I just got home from a brutal personal century ride in 29 degree whether. I had a flat, I got lost, I nearly crashed into a bridge stancheon in an attempt to avoid ice, I had 3 hours of head wind and the sun set before my ride ended and I wouldn’t trade the experience for all the Dura Ace in Japan. That’s what I see in your magazine. I want to ride every cobble and ascend every cruel switchback in those photos of yours. Tell me how to subscribe.

  • Jason Hurdle

    Great first issue. Picked it up last night and googled today to subscribe. Also, picked up another copy for my friend. Very well done!

  • John Summerson

    Also wanted to comment on an excellent first issue and the exquisitely simple concept of road riding. Kudos to the group!

  • Brennan Cook

    Yes to all the above comments! I just bought my second copy of the first issue. My original got destroyed in Mexico, long story. Please let us all know how to subscribe, this is a great mag, keep it going.

  • Randy Gallemore

    Waiting for #2. Is it out yet? Nobody in Bakersfield has it if it is. Do you have a list of who carries it (like B&N or Borders) or my local bike shop (Sniders). Will you go monthly? If so, count me in as well.

  • Ray Adams

    Great new magazine. I enjoyed the excellent photography and the articles! Keep up the good work and try to do what all the other bike magazines don’t do….awesome photography, littered with ads, reviews of only top of the line bikes (that 99% of us would never purchase).

  • Voisine Alex

    Hello PavedMag,
    As pavé lovers, I hope you’ll like our start-up about cycling tours dedicated to cobbles!
    You’re welcome in the Hell of the North.

  • Joe

    I have verry much enjoyed the first issue. It truely reflects my lover of cycling.
    Will ther be a issue # 2????

  • Lugged McBallsak

    Will there be a #2? Yes, I actually took big ‘ol #2 this morning, dropped it right on the latest copy of Road Bike Action.

    Keep it real, yo.

  • John Elkin


    Picked up a copy (issue 2) in Afghanistan, loved it but can’t now get hold of it in he UK!

    Is it possible? Please let me know.

    Many thanks.

  • Jerry Smith

    Guys! Do you have any idea how in demand mags like yours are? Writing like your’s does not fall out of trees. Please, PLEASE, tell us how to subscribe …; or shoot us and put us out of our misery. Would love to subscribe as well as a gift. Good luck and thanks for the wonderful window into Real Cycling.


  • james

    UPDATE, UPDATE, please! What is the subscription story….as you can see there are a lot of eager people that want to know what the story is…..latest update was in December-any new news??

  • VaMoots

    The summer issue is amazing. Been reading bike mags since the 70”s, never seen anything like it. Maybe Bicycle Guide…

  • Antonio Cardenas

    What’s the big mystery about subscribing to this magazine ?

  • Erik

    Like everyone else…subscriptions?? I got my last issue at Borders, but now they’re gone. I honestly don’t get the subscription problem. Didn’t you anticipate that people might like to subscribe to your magazine? Your sister publications (BIKE, Powder, Surfing, etc.) all seem to be able to offer this service. What gives?

    • squirrel

      Corporate won’t let us offer subscriptions for magazines with four or less issues. We’re fighting for it. Hoping to have more issues next year too…. Time will tell.

  • Nic

    Why isnt there more of this magazine? And how do I subscribe?

  • Barry Johnson

    Great job with the magazine! I want to ask a favor and find out if you could send me the specs on the LHT Blackout model shown in your latest issue.



    • Kevin

      Hey Barry,

      Here goes:

      Surly Long Haul Trucker Frame for 26″ wheels
      Chris King Headset
      SRAM X0 1×10 set-up w/Paul Components chainguide
      Mavic Crossride Wheelset
      Schwalbe SuperMoto Tires
      Avid Juicy Ultimate Cantilever Brakes w/ Cane Creek Levers
      Renthal Fatbar Handlebars- 780mm
      Fizik Arione Versus Saddle
      Front Rack: Civia Pizzeria
      Rear Rack: Civia Market

      Hope that helps!

  • Ken

    I enjoyed your magazine,especially the photos. The front cover caught my eye in a number of ways. On first glance it was a nice shot of a peloton somewhere. A significant draw so I picked the magazine off the shelf and did the usual glance through the pages and decided to buy it! When I sat down to read Paved the front cover suddenly became quite interesting as to the depth of the picture and the story it told. At first you see that it is a pro race with the professional squads, then you start identifying faces, that’s Cadel, Andy Schleck and Cavendish. Is that tall guy in the BMC kit Hincape? There is the green and yellow jersey, ahhh it must be the TDF. The bliurred background could be the Champs-Elysees in Paris. HTC is lined up in control for the final sprint. Cadel is up front with his team and looks tired. Everybody looks a little gaunt from 3 weeks of racing. The pace is up and there is no smiles this serious racing. Everybody was racing for their own part of the victory at the TDF . Is this final lap of the tour? Who will win? We know the outcome but the picture still evoked a sense of excitement. A still two dimensionel picture can have many dimensions to that a video does not. Have you ever seen the original Night Watch by Rembrandt?

  • Sarah

    I want to give Paved as a gift, but I live in the States and want to gift to Canada. There is not an option for this on the subscribe page. Different shipping/billing addresses default to the same country. How can I go about this?

  • Mike

    Paved also needs a digital edition just like its Bike brother!

    • Kevin

      Hey Mike, its definitely in the works. As of now it’s looking to be about 2-3 weeks out. You can look forward to the same type of interactivity and extra content as found in the Bike Mag app on Apple’s Newsstand.

      • Mike

        Thanks for the great news, can’t wait for it to come out!

      • Mike

        I downloaded an iPhone Newsstand app for Paved today! Nice to see the premiere issue thrown in for free! Is Paved also coming to Zinio?

  • Carlos


    I made this subscription on October, 10th and didn’t received any issue yet.
    Is everything ok with it? What will be the first issue of my subscription?

    Thank you,

    • Carlos

      Hi guys,

      just to complement my post, I would like to say that I’ve been enjoying PAVED a lot, and that I’m anxious to receive my new issue.

      Thank you,

    • Kevin

      Hey Carlos,

      We’re just the word guys, but we’d love to try and help you out.

      Hopefully this info will head you in the right direction:

      Customer Service email address:

      Customer Service number: Domestic/Canadian toll free- 800-333-9484 and International: 386-246-0424

  • Art Robinson

    LOVE the mag. A big Bike mag fan for my mountain biking desires, pics are great motivators. As I road bike as well, this mag falls right in place with a motivating source to get out and just enjoy the open road and scenary, no racing, just loving it. I seemed to however gotten a late start to your issues and was only able to acquire the Winter issue and backissues aren’t available through the links provided on your site. Will back issues become available, as I don’t want to miss anything. Thanks again and keep it moving, great job.

  • Jerry

    In the story Highway 49 Revisited, it is possible to get more details on the route and lodging used by the write Kevin Rouse. I would like to make pilgrimage of sorts on the same roads once I retire from the Navy in September.
    Jerry Chapmon

  • John Elkin

    Subscription problems

    Hi I took out and PAID for a sub back in Oct 2011. See below;

    Dear John ELKIN,

    Thank you for ordering from Source Interlink Media publication. Your order is being processed.

    Please print this confirmation page for your records. Below is a summary of your order.

    Paved Magazine
    Price: $50.97
    Term: 8Issues

    I have not yet received any copies although I have seen Paved on newstands. There is no easy way to contact you other than through this forum, e-mails are returned as undeliverable.

    Please contact me about this or refund my account ASAP.

    • Kevin

      Hi John,

      Sorry to hear of your troubles.

      Please try contacting customer service at:

      or try calling: 800-333-9484

  • Steve Wells

    You guys are great! I wrote a few weeks ago from my camp here in Afghanistan asking about getting a back issue to check out before deciding to subscribe. I got back yesterday from a trip to another base to find a package containing 4 back issues and some really cool headset caps ( today, one of which is going on my singlespeed mtn bike that I ride here, 5500 miles so far in Afghanistan and Iraq ). I just sent in my subscription, to be sent to my home so my wife can forward them until I get home in September. That way I won’t have to do a change of address when I leave. Love the mag, outstanding quality, both physically ( never had a mag printed on such heavy, high quality stock ) and content

  • Steve Wells

    Update! I’ve been reading the issues I received yesterday. I love the varied content of the stories and reviews. I like that you include all types of bikes, not just full carbon racers. I really liked the review of the WABI Special since I have a Polished Special reserved for when I get home. Richard is great to work with and is building it up with many special parts to my taste. It will be as close to a bespoke bike as I will probably ever get and I can’t wait to get home and pick it up at the WABI shop and meet Richard in person. We have exchanged probably 100 emails and he never fails to answer my questions or order any part that I want included in my build. Thanks for my new favorite magazine. I hope to see you expand to bi-monthly or even monthly some time in the future.

  • Mike

    Hello! I enjoyed the magazine, (recently purchased the winter 2011 issue at my LBS in Greenville, SC) great all round. I do have one observation/question. Can anyone tell me whats up with the little girls hands (photo on page 65 of Indian kids waiting for the bus) they appear extremely dirty compared to her clothes or are her hands injured in some way?

  • Angelica Figueroa

    Hello! Love the magazine. This might be a crazy question… but do you ever use photos from your readers? If so, how does one go about submitting?

  • paul

    WOW! Just got my first issue. Looks great! (Don’t suppose there’s any chance of becoming a monthly — or, at least, bi-monthly — publication, is there?) BTW, I signed up for the newsletter WAY back when, but never got one. Has there been any . . . or did my e-mail get lost in cyber space?

  • John Elkin

    Still yet to receive any issues despite subscribing back in Oct 11.

    Very poor communcation and service from Customer Services – 4 to 5 weeks to wait for the Spring issue?

    Do you not care?

  • Glenn Picard

    Just picked up a copy of Volume 3 Number 2. Right! Will look at another issue next year, if you’re still in business. Needs lots of work. Content suffers, although the photography is OK.

  • Douglas Smith

    I have been buying “Paved” for about a year and have been impressed with the content and excellent photography. However, I was decidedly Unimpressed with the article “Open Road” in the summer 2012 issue.

    I lived in Utah for 20 years. I am about as far from Mormon as a man can get . I love both good coffee and good beer. After many years in Utah , I found the population to be some of the most well informed, good hearted and generous people I have ever had the pleasure to live with. They never pressed religion on me or treated me unfairly because I was not Mormon. They were nothing but good neighbors and friends. This article is incredibly arrogant, biased, insulting and misleading. WHO IS THE SNARKY ASSHOLE WHO WROTE THIS? Was it his intention to come across as a yuppie jerk who was unfairly depicting the residents of southern Utah as inbred, ignorant religious fanatics?

    Many residents of UT are indeed Mormon, but they don’t wear a “Mormon badge” and run around preaching on street corners. Religion is an issue only for spoiled writers who go out of their way to make it an issue.

    Here are a few inconvenient truths for our writer. The people of UT produce more college graduates than any other state (by percentage). They have strong intact families. They work for a living and largely bypass the welfare state. They have the one of the lowest crime rates in the country. I could go on forever about these ignorant rubes.

    Out of the way, is out of the way. I am sure he would present similar areas in Nevada as “quaint”, not a product of culture and religion.

    I assure you that UT is one of the few places in this country where , if our arrogant writer was disabled beside the road, the locals would unfailingly stop to offer assistance to a complete stranger – even if he was an insulting jerk!

  • Jan Wouters

    Great Mag!
    I am the editor of, a blog site promoting travelling with a folding bike. We truly believe that a folding bike is one of the best ways to go places.
    We travelled on 2 Dahon folding bikes from Cairo to Cape Town a few years ago, almost certainly a first in Africa.
    The book A Hitch-biker’s Guide Through Africa, written by Jo Charnock (my partner) was launched recently and has already received a Sunday Times Readers prize, and good reviews all over. The book is available on Amzon, Ibook, Nook, etc…
    Please let me know if you want a copy of the book to write a review on your blog or website.
    Also feel free to contribute any article to if you have some news or want to promote your business.

  • Kyle Landsberger

    Hi my names Kyle Landsberger and I’m the sous chef over here at Tacopocalypse in Des Moines, IA. I love the magazine and just recently subscribed to it and am exited for my upcoming issues. Don’t know if this is something you guys would be interested in but i guess why wouldn’t you, I was thinking the other day that i have been wanting to let some sort of magazine know about what we are all about here at Tacopocalypse and thats cooking great food and riding bikes, the head chef/owner and i both ride to work everyday and also particapate in local races. We are both really involved with the races either catering for it or participating or both. Just thought you guys would enjoy hearing about some dudes in Des Moines, IA doing it up two wheel style. Oh by the way the Owner also owns the Surly “Bill” Trailer to haul out to some gigs if its not a crazy amount of food to haul, he has also used it to haul his Cross bike to the race a few times which looks pretty awesome when your riding along side him to the race. So check out the site and read more about it.

  • Old School

    I don’t understand …you seem to be offering a very “fashionable” kit in all black…what are you trying to do kill your readers….Fashionable good looking but dangerous…you need bright day glow colors out there on the roads…It is better to be safe then fashionable.The Rapha stuff I see is ripe for road kill.

  • Dusty Ward

    Reading some of the previous comments I realize how new I am to the sport of cycling. I enjoyed my introduction to your mag. The pictures and stories were much more engaging than the content of other commercialized cycling magazines. As a veteran to the surfing community and industry I immediately recognized the niche you were aiming at is similar to that of The Surfers Journal – more pure in the pursuit of their sport. In any sporting community there are members who eat up the commercialized elitest mentality, thinking that their top of the line most popular gear makes them them the best. Then there are those who just want to get out and ride. Picking up Paved made me just want to get out and ride. Thanks for making me a contented kook, once again. Cheers.