Amateur Hour: Ride the Tour of California Like the Pros—Only Slower

As cyclists, one of the supreme fantasies in most every superfan’s mind is the experience afforded to the pros during a stage race. While to the professionals this experience becomes the only one they know, to us amateurs the idea of having devoted soigneurs and mechanics, race radios and team cars, is pretty damn cool. Never mind that its a job for these professionals, albeit a really cool one, and so with it comes many of the same work-related stresses us mere mortals experience in our very own cubicles day-in and day-out.

That’s where the Carmichael Training Systems Tour of California Race experience comes in. Affording average Joes nearly the same experience as the pros, expect to be looked after accordingly. Offering the services of a race mechanic and a post-ride rubdown after every stage, riders also stay in the same hotels as the racers, and even eat with them too. It’s even a bit of a race, as riders hit the roads only a few hours before the pros, and if too slow, get pulled from the course if the peloton makes up too much ground. And the best part, it’s completely stress-free as riders only have to worry about getting themselves and their bikes to the stage finish every day. Aside from that, all the logistics are taken care of. The only thing the riders have to worry about is showing up in good enough shape.

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