Fresh: Scrappers DVD

Paved contributor Michael DiGregorio is a man of many facets. In between covering World Cup cyclocross events and interviewing the likes of Daniel Mangeas for Paved, DiGregorio works on a multitude of different projects, whether it be writing for other publications such as Hustler (they really do publish interesting stories…) or writing and producing for film projects like Scrapper. Following the, shall we say, intriguing, individuals who scour the deserts of Southern California’s military test ranges, Scrappers is a rather ‘explosive’ documentary.

“In California’s poorest corner, on a desert bombing range where the U.S. Navy, Marines, and British RAF train with every weapon in their arsenal, a group of hard-bit outlaws scrap the devastated targets and ashen kill zones for salvageable bomb parts…and,occasionally, plastic explosive.”

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