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Are you the ultimate Eddy Merckx fan? Is your copy of Merckx 525 already dog-eared—the spare copy, that is, the one you don’t keep locked in a climate-controlled safe?

If your collection of cycling books and memorabilia isn’t quite large enough yet, and you have a spare thousand Euros burning a hole in your pocket, the good folks at Uitgeverij Kannibaal (Cannibal Publishing) have something special for you: the Eddy Merckx Art Box with “relics” from some of the places where the Cannibal made his mark on the sport.

The limited-edition Merckx Art Box includes stories from Eddy’s celebrated career and has been photo edited by legendary Belgian photographer Stefan Vanfleteren, who’s taken portraits of some of the most iconic cyclists in history and whose work was featured in the inaugural issue of Paved. The set of twelve “relics” include chunks of Paris-Roubaix cobblestones, water from the fountain on the Via Roma, dirt from Mexico City, stone from Mont Ventoux and pieces of volcanic rock from the Puy du Dôme. Each Merckx Art Box is adorned with a numbered metal plaque and the company says it’s only going to publish this limited first edition set and then it’s done.

A version sans relics is also available for 795 Euros, but why not just pony up the extra shekels and get the full value meal—in your choice of English, French or Dutch—for 995 Euros plus shipping and handling from Uitgeverij Kannibaal. If you’re wondering, Merckx got French-language number 1 and King Albert II of Belgium got Dutch-language number 1.

If a Euro-G strikes you as too much dough to drop on some exquisite Merckx memorabilia, but you’re a fan of the man and his career in any way, do make sure you check out Merckx 525, available in English from Velo Press for the considerably more blue-collar price of $60.

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