Spotlight: Rapha & Raeburn City Wind Jacket

Rapha & Raeburn City Wind Jacket

$450 /

Fortuitously preempting my move to the City by the Bay, a sweet little number made its way to the Paved offices. The fruits of an interesting collaboration between fashion designer Christopher Raeburn and brother, Graeme—Rapha’s lead product designer—the Rapha & Raeburn Wind Jacket is a strictly limited-edition offering.

Christopher, the younger of the two Raeburns is known for his designs featuring repurposed military fabrics, and not surprisingly, that trend continues with the Wind Jacket.

Constructed from decommissioned British parachute canopies, the Wind Jacket’s woven nylon skin is completely windproof, and, thanks to smart design, completely packable. Featuring a double-sided zipper on its right front pocket, the jacket easily packs into itself for a tidy little package.

Featuring plenty of reflective elements including reflective tape at the jacket’s seams and a reflective polka-dot pattern (based on the Swedish snow-camoflauge pattern) on the sleeves, the Wind Jacket is perfectly suited for commuting.

Each jacket in the 600-piece production run is distinctly unique, due not only to the fact that each parachute is transformed by hand into the finished product—each jacket also receives its very own reflective race number. (Don’t worry, number 21′s taken and never leaving the clutches of a certain unbecomingly enamored editor.)

And then there’s the price. Unattainable for just about anyone without a trust-fund manager on speed dial, it’s not cheap (but that hasn’t kept it from selling quickly). But, then again, who said high fashion should make fiscal sense?

On the plus side, your $450 gets you one of the best-functioning jackets out there bar-none, not to mention a garment produced entirely in the U.K.

If money can’t buy you happiness, at least it can buy you cool.

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