Theater Thursday

For your viewing pleasure, this week we’ve rounded up Rapha’s Rapha Continental: Assynt, a film that takes us through the First-ever Rapha Continental UK ride. Riding near the shores of Scotland’s Lock Assynt, the poetic narrative channels the style of the experimental radio travel documentaries made by artist and pianist Glenn Gould in the 1960′s.


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Challenge! Rapha Rising: Circle of Death

Now we shouldn’t need excuses to ride, it’s what we love to do right? But, we’ve all been there when another cup of coffee and the Sunday New York Times presents a bit of a roadblock in terms of unearthing the motivation to get out for a ride. Well, during July 15-22, Rapha is providing that motivation for you, with the Rapha Rising: Circle of Death. Continue reading

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Trek Introduces the Madone 7 Series

Get ready to drool a little.

Trek’s latest Madone, the most recent in a nearly 10-year product history, sports a raft of changes over the outgoing 6-series. Continue reading

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By the Numbers: 2012 Tour De France

Sure, you know there’s 22 teams, 198 riders, and 21 stages, but the rest of the figures associated with the 2012 Tour de France are simply remarkable.

So here you have it, the 2012 Tour de France, by the numbers: Continue reading

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Spinlister: Introducing Peer-to-Peer Bike Rentals

By Kevin Rouse

In my experience, there are few better ways to experience a new place than on a bike. Fast enough to cover some serious ground, and slow enough to take it all in, if I had my druthers, I’d have a bike with me on all my travels. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible thanks to the one-two punch of practicality and stratospheric airline fees.

But now, thanks to a novel new service dubbed Spinlister, you can easily find a bike wherever your travels take you. And by the same principle, you can also collect a check every month for letting friendly bike-loving travelers rent your bike when they’re in town. Continue reading

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Rapha Signs on for Innaugural Northwest Juniors Classic

Announced today as the title sponsor for the innaugural Northwest Juniors Classic, Rapha North America has chosen to support junior’s racing in the United States in a big way. Continue reading

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Theater Thursday

*Bicycle Film Festival Special Edition*

The Bicycle Film Festival started 11 years ago in New York City, and has come a long way since then, growing to encompass events in 25 cities in the United States and across the globe from Helsinki to Tokyo. Continue reading

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2012 Race Across the West Concludes with Record-Breaking Performances

The shorter sibling of the Race Across America (See our coverage of this year’s start here) wrapped up Monday with new race records set in three different categories. Racers set out from Oceanside, California, and rode the first 860 miles of the Race Across America route, finishing in Durango, Colorado.

A rider heads up Yarnell Grade in some Arizona twilight.

Continue reading

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Katie Compton Returns to Red, Will Race for Trek in 2013

Returning to SRAM Red after a one-year hiatus, cyclocross star Katie Compton (that’s @KatieFnCompton on Twitter—use your imagination to replace the missing characters between the F and n in her handle) will also be riding for the new Trek Cyclocross Race Team for the 2012-13 season. Continue reading

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Mavic Introduces It’s Fastest Wheel. Ever.

Take a look into the development process of Mavic’s new CXR 80 aero wheel set. The new wheel is the first to be designed in conjunction with a tire to specifically to function together as a unified airfoil in the wind. The shape and profile of each is specifically designed to pair with one another, and Mavic even designed a plastic blade that fits in a channel on the rim, serving to seal the remaining gap between wheel and tire. The result is a wheel that, according to Mavic, is faster than all of its competitors, at every yaw angle.

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