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  • William Carter

    I love the magazine, wonderful breath taking photos. A must have for any bicycle rider.
    William Carter, CPA

  • Jeff

    Found this magazine at the airport and could not put it down for the entire flights. Two Questions:

    1. When Can I get another issue?

    2. Who is paying for my trip to the Dolomites? Booyah

  • Greg

    Great magazine! So different than all the rest. Love it. I hope the coming issues are just as good. Great job everybody.

  • Michael Johnson

    Great first issue. I like the content for the fact that it doesn’t concentrate on the latest, greatest and most expensive bikes and all the rest. As one who has had a hobby of photography for just over 20 years I appreciate the photography. Some very nice black & white warm-tone work. So much outside the usual in cycling magazines. Finally, the article on the history of doping in cycling was an amazing eye opener! Again, great start!

  • Gaudy

    I have be looking for a cycling magazine that leaves all the pretentious glitz and glamor aside and gets to the heart of the matter through great writing and amazing photography….hats off on the premiere issue and I can’t wait to see what the future holds

  • Paul

    Right on!!!!! Speed and freedom is what it’s all about. Great new magazine…keep it coming

  • Ron

    Found the magazine at Borders a few weeks ago. Awesome pictures and great articles. Only a few ads. That’s a BIG plus!! When will you get a subscription form online or in the mag?

  • Jay

    I love the magazine. The stories and the photography were great. I appreciate not having all the adds in it for all the non cycling items. I’m a photographer and I would love to shoot for a magazine that glorifies the wonderful sport of endurance of road cycling.

  • Dean

    Picked up a copy in Vancouver, B.C. Like everyone else I think you have a great fresh look at road cycling. Please keep it coming our way….

  • Neil Crovetti

    Picked up your magazine while I was shopping, the articles are well written. The pictures are excellant, I can not wait to see the next edition. I found Paved very refreshing, keep up the good work.

  • CycleChef

    Loved the premier issue! Got a serious jones going on for the next issue. When can we hope to see it?

  • BB

    Anxiously awaiting another issue. First one was GREAT!

  • matt moses

    The first issue was very impressive. If that is any indication of the future I am a happy man..

  • Rich Getty

    Some of the best cycling photography that I have ever seen. Beautifully done! Keep it up and I look forward to the next issue.

    Rich Getty Financial Advisor

  • Ozy Mandais

    Well done…But why is it that…Carbon/Plastic bikes don’t have the grace or elegance of classic steel ? and nothing is as good looking as Campagnolo Super Record….
    Can’t wait for the next issue
    Ozy Mandais…. Antique Traveler

  • Dan

    Enjoyed all three issues so far. Your content is fresh, eclectic and inquisitive. Highlights for me include: issue 3′s articles on custom builders and LA night racing; issue 2′s Belgian six days and Lindsay Crawford features; issue 1′s Dolomites and Tour of Flanders stories. The reflective short one-page essays with a single photo on issues from rides to tools should be in every issue. Photos are excellent, many the equal of Rouleur’s at one-third the cover price. Keep up the good work!

    My main issues with Paved, beyond its sporadic appearance, are the inability to accept print magazine subscriptions and the lack of a digital edition. Dare I add that Peloton, the other new road bike publication on the US market, has addressed both of these successfully . . . .

  • Steve Wells

    Hello, I’m currently deployed in Afghanistan. I just heard of your magazine on the Wabi Cycles website. Richard is building me a Polished Special for when I get home. How many issues are currently out? I would like to see one before subscribing. I assume that you are a quarterly magazine. How can I get a copy of the issue that has the article about the Wabi Polished Special? Do you ship to APO addresses? They are US addresses with US zip codes. My address here is: James Wells ManTech MRAP Camp Spann Afghanistan APO AE 09368. Let me know how to get an issue to check out. Thank you, Steve Wells.

    • Kevin

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your interest—and your service. I just sent a few issues your way, enjoy!

      - Kevin

      • Steve Wells

        Great Mag! Received the back issues a couple of days ago, along with the cool headset caps (one of which immediately went on the single speed that I ride daily over here). I subscribed immediately. I have a new favorite magazine. I really enjoy reading about all types of road going machines, not just the latest full carbon racers. Not that I have anything against them. I have subscribed to another “Bicycling” mag since the early 90s and will continue to do so, but I really like the fresh approach and high quality of your publication, both content and materials (never seen a mag on such quality stock). I hope to see you someday expand to bi-monthly or even monthly in the future. Keep up the good work.

  • Jerry

    Great magazine. I subscribed after reading just one story – Highway 49 Revisited. Now I would like to know more about their itinerary and ride the route myself when i retire from the Navy in September. Great story by Keven Rouse, looking forward to more.
    Thanks for a great magazine.
    Will there be a letters to the editor?
    Jerry Chapmon

    • Kevin


      I appreciate the praise, glad you enjoyed it! The route’s a great one for sure! Shoot me an e-mail ( and I’ll get you sorted on the route info! Congrats on the retirement!

      - Kevin