Welcome to Paved

A brand-new skinny tire magazine from the editors of Bike.

A brand-new skinny tire magazine from the editors of Bike.

When Paved magazine’s sister publication, Bike, was launched in 1994, the mountain bike boom was nearing a peak. The bike industry was throwing money at racing as fast as it could, but there really wasn’t a magazine out there that spoke to the true mountain bike fanatic—the person who lived for the ride and just wanted to be entertained by great stories and photography. Eighteen years later, Bike magazine is the one mountain bike publication that people love to read cover to cover.

It’s the same with Paved—after just one issue, it’s clear that it is already following in its successful sibling’s footsteps.

Packed full of the world’s greatest road bike photography and intelligent, inspiring and honest stories, Paved is for the throngs of people who relate to the raw passion of riding. Its target audience is broad and inclusive. The common denominator: People who define themselves by their love of riding bikes on pavement.

Since you’ve found us here on the web, we know you are one of us. And we appreciate your patience as we begin the task of filling www.pavedmag.com with photos and stories that are worthy of its printed cousin.

Welcome to www.Pavedmag.com
-Joe Parkin

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